Saturday, April 19, 2014


Do you remember the Gershwin composition "Summertime" from musical Porgy and Bess?  Those famous lyrics:

Summertime - and the livin' is easy 

But what if the livin isn't easy?  

What if summer brings new layers of stress and worry?   

While many children count down the days until summer vacation, others see summer as a time when the livin' isn't so easy.

At Kids Five & Over we think about the 16 million (1 in 5 ) children who live in poverty and we wonder how their families will be able to afford summer experiences - experiences like swim lessons, day camps, and team sports when both funds and transportation options are limited.  We hear, "Summer is so short" and we wonder if everyone feels that way.  We hear, "Summer days are packed" and we wish every child could have such a rich menu of options filling their summer calendars.  

Summer is an important time in a child's life because it brings new experiences that help flex new muscles.  Summer is a time when new friendships are formed and new talents are unearthed. Summer should be joyful, carefree, enriching and rewarding for all children - not just those whose parents can afford to make it so.

Will you help us spread joy this summer?  Will you help us fund summer experiences for children?

At Kids Five & Over we are actively raising funds to help schools and families fund summer experiences for children.  The list of needs is long - It's really long.  Please help us put a bright spot in a child's summer.  

Donations to Kids Five & Over can be made by clicking here or you can visit our website at

Thank you for helping us bring the easy back to summer for some very deserving children.