Friday, January 1, 2016


We made a quiet entrance in 2013, excited to build a nonprofit to support local children as they explore their gifts and meet like-minded friends.

In 2014, we celebrated our first birthday with an exhale of gratitude to our supporters and with great pride for the accomplishments of our sponsored K50 kids.  

In 2015, we stayed the course.  

The early years of a nonprofit are often riddled with exploration and misstep which explains why less than 15% of nonprofits survive.  

How have we survived?  We are an all-volunteer organization with a laser sharp focus. (Sorry...A little bragging there.) By staying the course, we've held true to our mission and now, three years later, we've witnessed the formation of identities.

"I'm a dancer."  

"I'm a gymnast."

"I'm a second baseman."

"I'm an artist."

The children we sponsor often require a noticing adult to bring their story to our attention, so in many ways, it's the noticing adult we reach out to. In the simplest of ways, we are a Board of kind-hearted match-makers.  We match kids to opportunities and we match the donations of our supporters to the kids.  It's a perfect triangle, void of complicated twists and turns.  Donations come in and then funding goes out.  It's really that simple.   

As in years past, we will continue our promise of dedicating 100% of your donated money to the children we serve. We are as proud of that as we are of our K50 kids.  We have been fortunate to operate in a protective bubble that allows us to keep our best intentions in the forefront.  Even Santa recognized our work again this year with his generous, unsolicited donation!

The last three years have brought great support for our mission (locally, nationally, and as far away as the North Pole!) as well as words of thanks: 

"I love what your organization does. I would have been one of those kids whose parents could not afford extra curricular activities.  I know how much these activities can do to build confidence in children from my own kids, who were able to participate.Thank you for this beautiful way to support children."

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for granting my son the scholarship money.  The joy on his face and in his expression of gratitude is something my words cannot convey.  Overjoyed is a grave understatement in this case. Without your amazing organization, he would not have this opportunity."

"Thank you for doing something so wonderful for the children in our communities."

As we celebrate our third birthday, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all who have supported Kids Five & Over whether it be through word, deed or donation.  We thank our K50 kids for continuing to dream big and for letting us know what our support has meant to them.  And, we thank the adults who have sent in nominations asking for financial support for very deserving children.  

We look forward to the year ahead and more opportunities to enrich the lives of children.

Thank you.